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Frequently Asked Questions


Which traveling Methods enables me to post my trip?

Travelers can post trips conducted via air, road and trains.

Are trips restricted to certain countries?

Currently, trips are restricted to domestic routes, yet international routes will be added in the near future.

As a traveler, how can I ensure a package is safe for me to carry?

Prior to approval of package acceptance and pick-up, the details of the package are available in image and description form, in addition, the traveler must declare that the package has been checked before it was claimed as verification of package safety during the pick-up process. The traveler is in every right to make sure the package has been checked thoroughly before declaring the package’s safety on the app.

What happens if the recipient is not at the location at the expected time of delivery? Where will my shipment be sent?

Direct contact between travelers and senders is key for successful deliveries. If in any case the recipient is not at the destination, the sender should contact the traveler in order to select an alternative location and time for pickup.


Can I cancel or modify my shipment at any time?

You can cancel/modify the shipment prior to traveler acceptance of package delivery. Once a package has been accepted, you cannot cancel or modify this shipment.

Which payment methods are used?

Payments can only be conducted via debit and credit cards.

How does a sender pay for their shipment?

Simply enter your debit/credit card details and wait for verification. It will be automatically charged when the traveler has approved the package for pickup.

How much does it cost for the sender to ship a package through the app?

At the moment, we only charge a flat shipping fee for packages. Custom shipping fees based on size, weight and country of destination is coming soon.

How can I ensure my package is safe and secure during shipment?

All our travelers go through background checks against any criminal records, as per the database of the Ministry of Interior. In addition, the traveler registers his personal details including a copy of his ID during sign-up.

Furthermore, travelers are only paid once the package is delivered successfully and in the same condition as picked-up. (Note: Packages lost by the airline are not insured by Barq. Lost luggage is usually insured by the airline. If travelers are accountable for lost luggage due to misconduct or negligence, Barq will insure this package. However, the traveler has every reason to take good care of your item. You are free to contact us at We will take action against any loss or damage by the traveler.

How can I confirm that my package has been picked-up by the assigned traveler?

We have made your package more secure and traceable by obtaining your digital signature at pick-up.

As a sender, how do I guarantee the traveler won’t add any prohibited items to my package after pick-up?

During pick-up, the traveler checks the package and declares it has been clear of any prohibited items. After the point of pick-up and declaration, the traveler is then solely responsible and liable of the package from pick-up till delivery.

How can I track my shipment?

Once a traveler accepts your package request, you can track your package throughout delivery stages.

How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?

Typically, one day for domestic/regional travel, and two days for international travel (Note: Exact timing is dependent on shipping destination and coordination between the sender and traveler).